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I’ve seen some other Androiders use shorter settings for their Celcom APN setup which works as well (by combining the 3g internet and MMS setting in one). Anyway these are the settings which was auto-configured by my old HTC Magic (the stock Magic ROM with radio ver 3.22 has auto-setup for Celcom APN setting unlike Nexus One or any other custom ROMs). They are separated to 2 settings – internet setting and MMS setting.

EDIT 19.09.2011 :

The article for setting up Celcom APN has been moved to my new blog Click here to view the information. Thanks for dropping by folks!




  1. Got to say, thank you SO SO MUCH! haha! been in a headache for few weeks now, my HTC Desire just dont want to connect to the internet via celcom 3G! the apps can connect though.Turn out the Celcom support gave setting for Celcom 2G ( as u described above). After just using the much simpler setting of Celcom 3G, now its fine.

    Finally! big thanks πŸ™‚

    • Glad that it works for u also πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the tip. My HTC desire APN settings were not automatically set up by Celcom. Did some research..your site helped πŸ™‚ tq…

        • mfadzil
        • Posted July 20, 2010 at 8:11 pm
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        You’re most welcome πŸ™‚

        • syok
        • Posted March 25, 2011 at 11:10 pm
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        bro nk tanya nape walaupun dah dapat setting APN kat maxis..xdapat gak masuk intenet..galaxy s ni adoi..pening btl…dah bnyak kali buat same gak..nape yer…tolon sye

        • mfadzil
        • Posted March 27, 2011 at 10:59 pm
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        Sini setting utk Celcom je bro. Maxis kena check kat website lain…

        • syok
        • Posted March 25, 2011 at 11:14 pm
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        bile dah save setiing… ader satu sofware nk block automatic internet conneting APN widget…bile click wane ijau sepatut dh connect dh sbb der icon 3g….ni x..bile click icon 3g timbul pastu ilang

  2. it this apn works in htc desire?
    iam facing problem in my htc desire regarding mms… dont really know it is celcom prob or hp prob huhu

    • May I know what kind of problem did u encounter? This settings should work for Desire as well. I’ve been using this settings all the while on my Nexus One running Desire ROM few months back. And as per En_A comment above, it works on his Desire too. Perhaps u can double check all the entries maybe u mistyped some keys.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  3. my prob are when i send mms it seem i have to turn on my mobile network and it cost me money… if i turn it off… mms pic, be it in sending or receive seem not working… do u know how to fix it?

    • Perhaps you can try to enable just the MMS settings only (Celcom 3g MMS setting or Celcom 2g MMS setting) and deactivate the internet settings.

  4. how can i active my mms without activating my mobile network?

    my setting right now is in messaging setting, under mms I click auto-retrive while roaming auto-retrive unclick.

    In Mobile network setting, i also unclick data roaming.

    it is ok for mms in this kind of setting?

  5. Just create one APN entry under the name of Celcom 3G MMS Setting then enter the required info for 3G MMS as described above. Don’t create 3G internet setting. Hopefully it works.

  6. dear mfadzil..i’m having a hard time figuring out how to configure mms for my xperia x10, it seems that i can’t send and recieve (dwnload) mms…waht to do?

  7. mr mfadzil, i have set up mms settings but now i can only send mms but cannot receive/download mms..i have searchd in the internet and it seems that there are many x10 users out there with the same problem. any solutions?

    • Hi bro. Yup I noticed the same also. Not sure if it may be due to the phone itself having an issue. I suggest u to refer SonyE support or check those related forum for possible solution. Sorry can’t help u much on this 😦

        • apple htc
        • Posted January 24, 2012 at 6:11 am
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        bang klau no apn celcom prepaid untk htc magic ap?

  8. i also using x10 and have the same problem… can send mms but can’t receive mms… is it problem with the service provider or the phone… i’m using celcom anyway

    • Probably u can try using Handcent SMS as an alternative of the original sms app. Some ppl I know having same issue like this able to solve their prob by using this app. Good luck! πŸ™‚

    • you must have data service, after u active data service u can recieve mms

    • do u upgrade 2.1

  9. Hi mfadzil

    I just bought an HTC Wildfire and sure enough I cant open any MMS sent to me by my friends. (*it shows as ‘download’ in the message but cant be opened). Ideally should I use the Celcom 2gs MMS or 3gs MMS? (*I only use wiFi, no internet unlimited).

    • Hi rhazeman,

      I’ve tested below MMS settings on my sister’s HTC Wildfire (unrooted). She’s on postpaid but w/out unlimited data plan, and having problem to send/retrieve MMS also.

      Name : Celcom 2G MMS
      APN :
      MMSC :
      MMS proxy :
      MMS port : 8080
      MCC : 502
      MNC : 13
      APN type : mms

      **pls take note the MNC # is 13, not 19. I tested using 19 but somehow the settings cannot be saved.

      And the result? It successfully send and retrieve MMS.
      Tested 2 times send/receive MMS to my Nexus One no problem so far.

      Maybe u can give it a try πŸ™‚

        • htc wildfire
        • Posted June 14, 2011 at 10:48 am
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        hi mfadzil,

        i already try the step that you give above on my htc wildfire. but i still can’t send & download mms.

  10. I just bought a HTC desire and recently got a voice/data plan from Celcom. I put in the same settings as suggested by Mfadzil. But it still did not work! Can someone give me the parameters for the internet settings? What did i do wrong? Helppppppp pls

    • Have you checked all the required field whether they are correctly input? Maybe there’s typo somewhere…

        • peter L
        • Posted September 29, 2010 at 8:16 am
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        I have checked again and follow to key in all the required fields as shown in your example. No success… I dropped by to celcom shop, but no help at all….any advice??

        • mfadzil
        • Posted September 29, 2010 at 10:55 am
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        Try create 2 APN entries only together with their required info :
        1. Celcom 3g internet , and
        2. Celcom 3g MMS

        After you created 3G internet, there should be a circle button at the right hand side of that APN name. Make sure you press it and the button will turn to green color. By doing that, the internet data connection will be activated.

        • mak yie
        • Posted September 29, 2010 at 11:43 pm
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        help me about x10, my problem same can sent but cannot recieve mms

        • mfadzil
        • Posted September 30, 2010 at 8:44 am
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  11. just got my HTC Wildfire. Everything working fine except my gmail account and market place. try to connect cannot. I’m using celcom XPAX. When using my wife HTC wildfire with MAXIS 3G. i can connect just like that for both market place and my gmail. pls help me

  12. fyi, i’m also connecting using streamyx wifi at home n using my office network (jaring/tmnet) still the same.only the market place n my gmail. both are using google account to login

    • It sounds more like a google account problem rather than connection problem bro. As it happens regardless if u use celcom or jaring/tmnet. Maybe u should try re-establish google account settings on ur Wildfire.

  13. hii
    i guna samsung galaxy s
    i guna celcom 3g prepaid, ii dah buat setting yg u bagi….soalan nye,,,
    kenape saya tak bole buat video call dan internet loading fail…..kalau hantar mms ok..boleh antar,,,cuma video call dan internet tak boleh..

    • Hi aceed,
      Tahniah kerana menggunakan antara Android phone yg terbaik masa kini πŸ™‚
      Setting yang saya bagi tu untuk postpaid, saya tak pasti samada prepaid pun gunakan setting yg sama atau tidak. Sudah check dgn celcom centre?

        • mak yie
        • Posted November 24, 2010 at 9:55 pm
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        android support ke video call

        • mfadzil
        • Posted November 28, 2010 at 11:20 am
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        Of course la bro. Samsung Galaxy S kan ke ada front facing camera utk support video call…

        • mak yie
        • Posted November 30, 2010 at 7:40 am
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        video call ke wifi call mcm iphone4, android support wifi call bukan video call

        • mfadzil
        • Posted November 30, 2010 at 3:37 pm
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        Bro, refer here for Android video call capability (dlm video ni dia guna Maxis line) :

    • awk sudah cuba auto setting

  14. Thanks for the listings, it’s amazing how lame are the websites of some big service providers (Celcom is not the only example), not meeting even some basic information.

    • No problem mate πŸ™‚

  15. i am using samsung galaxy s with celcom exec call is fine with me.however, i still have problem to send mms, no problem of receiving….
    in mobile network setting,i had already turned data connection on..i already choose mms as my APN type..besides, i also click on ‘use only 2g networks’ (coz i dont wanna waste my battery and credit by unnecessarily and accidentally using 3g. i only on my 3g when i wanna use it for video call)

    1) is there any problem/relation of ‘use only 2g networks’ with my mms service..can it be the cause of my problem??
    2)why can i only receive mms but cant send it??

  16. Your APN setting has been shared at lowyat forum for Samsung Galaxy 5

    • Sure no prob. Thanks for updating me πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Fadzil,

    Appreciate all the effort you’ve put in, in getting all this info.
    I’m using a Galaxy S and have put in all the info for the 3G and 2G, in the hopes that I would be able to change between the 2 settings and only using 3G when I really need it (so as not to drain my battery).

    But even when I tell the phone to use the 2G APN setting, the small little connection icon on my task bar at the top will show 3G (changing from 3G to H from time to time).

    Maybe my understanding is wrong but shouldn’t it show E (EDGE) when in 2G mode? I has done before in EDGE only covered areas.

    Do you think you could clarify that for me?

    • Hi Azhan,
      My guess is either you’ve accidentally setup a 3G APN (celcom3g) under 2G name….or the SGS ROM might have a bug on this icon-changing behavior.
      Yes bro u are right, E should be shown when the phone is in 2G mode.

      One way to find out is by checking the mode here :
      1. Goto Phone Dialer
      2. Type *#*#4636#*#*
      3. Press ‘Phone Information’
      4. Under ‘Network Type’ – check your current mode (HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, or GPRS)
      5. If you’ve already set the mode to 2G , but the Network Type shows u are in HSDPA or UMTS, most likely the APN name u’ve set is wrong. APN for 2G should be set to
      6. Make sure u still in the Phone Info screen, now try forcing the network to 2G. Under ‘Set preferred network type’ , change it to GSM only.
      7. If it succeeded, u’ll see the network will be reset to EDGE.

      Hope this helps.

  18. hi mfadzil,
    i been using hd2 ported to android.copied all the setting u provide here but somehow i notice that once the icon displaying ‘3g’, i cannot use any data,meaning no data connection.i only can use data when the icon is ‘H’.i dunno what is the problem with this.i use the rm68 broadband package in my postpaid line.
    hope to hear from u and any guys here that use the same phone with me.thanks

    • Hi Andy,
      I suggest u to check the ROM u’ve installed first, whether there’s an issue with 3G connectivity or not. Usually the ROM cooker will list down all the issues pertaining to their ROM.
      Or perhaps try with other ROM to confirm this.

  19. hi…after i enter everything but still i can’t send and receive mms.any idea y?

    • May I know which phone do u use? Postpaid or prepaid? Are u using unlimited data access?

  20. i use htc desire,prepaid n not using unlimited data access.

    • This setting by right should be able to work on HTC Desire without much hassle. Have u turn on data access by pressing the circle next to 3g APN which u’ve created? Or perhaps u can double check the entry, maybe there’s mistyped key somewhere.

  21. Bro mfadzil..nak tanye sket pasal Samsung Galaxy Tab, bleh wat video/3g call tak?Aku dah try tanyer salesgirl dkat celcom blue cube pun diorang x pasti, n try google pun x jumpa..n kena guna handsfree kalo nak cakap..thanxs ya..skang ni guna Nokia 3310

    • Boleh bro, Galaxy Tab boleh support 3g video call. Tapi kalu nk bercakap, mmg kena guna speakerphone, headset atau bluetooth headset. Sbb Galaxy Tab ni dicipta sebagai tablet yg saiz dia 7 inci. Nanti nmpk pelik la kalu nk letak tablet yg besar gedabak ni kat telinga ye dak?

      Alternatively, bro boleh consider Galaxy S. Function sama je. At least saiz dia kecik sikit, sesuai utk primary function dia as a smartphone.

  22. thanks man..i’ve been searching to connect via celcom and u did great with this post!!! thx a lot!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re welcome bro πŸ™‚

  23. pasal apa celcom broadband x boleh nak buat connet internet pada samsung galaxy s…

    • APN settings semua dah check? Try remove/buat yang baru tengok kalau2 ok.

  24. Hi mfadzil, I just bought LG Optimus One yesterday.. but unfortunately, im unable to make call out because not registered to network.. can help?

    • Hi farid,
      I’m not pretty sure what do you mean by ‘not registered to network’. Does it mean that you have setup the APN but there’s an error? Or you unable to call out using voice call?
      If voice calling have prob, I suggest you to check with celcom directly.

  25. Mr mfadzil,
    thank you so much upon your setting.
    Just set it up in my Nexus S. After restart it~

    My Nexus S work superb.

    A million Thanks to u.

    • No prob sir. Wow, Nexus S in the house! Ur such a lucky owner. I wish I could own one πŸ™‚

  26. that my rezeki bro. u’ll get it once its yours. πŸ™‚

    is it same setting for 3G and 3.5G for celcom?

    • Yup they’re the same. Btw where did u get your Nexus S bro? From irwan ( or other source?

  27. Bro, how about motorola charm? Do you know how to configure the setting?

    • It should be the same as any other Android device as far as I know. I’ve been using these APN settings since Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

      Just enter the required info and it should be good to go. If encounter prob, let me know ok. I’ll try me best to help πŸ™‚

  28. Hi mfadzil thanks for your good info. Now I can send and received mms. Just want to ask you one thing, how to configure google account. I got problems with it. Normally will appear, your phone may not be provisioned for data services. IF i’m using wifi, the message will also appear….. Do you have any idea?

    • Probably this answer can help (taken from

      You need to re-setup your Google account.

      First go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications, and tap the Google Apps entry. Then tap ‘Clear data’, and tap ‘OK’ to confirm. This will delete your Google account details. To enter your account details go to Settings > Data synchronization > Google and you’ll be prompted with the set up dialogue. Enter your account details and you’re done.

  29. salam, fadzil…mcm mana nak setting broadband untuk touchpad yg use android OS.

    • Touchpad ke atau tablet bang? Model apa abg pakai? Setting yang biasa kena buat macam ni :

      Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > New APN

  30. bro nk tanya skit.. aku pakai galaxy 5 n try nk setup apn utk mms tp xboleh select utk mms laa cuma utk internet saja.. bila tukar MNC ke 13 n save trus xda?? FYI aku xda data plan so kena switch klu nk guna mms o internet.. pls tolong bro..

    • Kalau tak boleh MNC 13, cuba pakai MNC 19 tgk. Kdng2 MNC ni pelik jgk, ada yg 19 ada yg 13, kena cuba try test tgk la.

  31. Salam bro.. setting suma dh ngam tp bila select 3g/2g mms dia akan set 3g internet.. sbb apa bro?? Tolong2x..

  32. I mean it will set to 3g internet after few second..

    • Select mcm mana tu bro, aku tak berapa faham la. Boleh tlng elaborate sikit x?
      Kalau yg biasa, 2g/3g internet settings saja yg ada radio button utk kita select which one for default usage. 2g/3g mms xde button utk kita select. Taktau la pulak kalu bro punya phone pakai setting mcm lain. Phone apa yg bro pakai and which android version?

  33. bro ade prob ckit ni.. aku da setting mms kat apn tu. blh anta n retrieve mms. tp ble lepas anta or retrieve mms, die x disconnect.. die akn trus online je.. siap blh bkk fb ape sume.. data connection da off da (untick mobile network kat wireless n network setting).. die mmg xkn connect ke internet.. tapi ble receive mms or nk anta mms, lepas da anta die xnk disconnect.. knp?? pttnye ye la max pun dlm 50 1 mms. ni aku anta dr rm5 jd rm1.. adeh..

    • xtaw la perlu ke x tp ni detail aku :
      device : hd2
      os : nand android 2.2 dezire z build
      kernel : rafpigna

        • mfadzil
        • Posted February 19, 2011 at 4:08 pm
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        Aku pun x pasti la bro. Agak misteri ni. Maybe ROM tu yg ada prob kut? Try reflash ROM tu blk tgk. Atau test guna ROM lain ke. ROM sblm ni ada prob mcm ni x?

        • jzack
        • Posted May 13, 2011 at 3:55 pm
        • Permalink

        skrg da ok kot.. aku try rom lain – gingerbread.. os pn smooth drpd sense – froyo.. smaada rom atau kernel yg prob.. papepn thanks reply..

  34. ok2 skrg suma dah cun cuma nk received mms jaa xleh.. btw ada skit salah setting regarding my prev Q n utk apn mms mmg xda radio button hehhehhe.. skrg nk mintak tolong advice knapa xleh receive mms.. hp samsung G5 + mod froyo..

  35. Greetings,

    Dear Friend,

    Can anyone advise for Celcom Malaysia 3G Internet Configuration for HTC Desire HD.

    The apps can connected to Data Plan, NO for Internet.

    Thanks You

    • Hi bro Amirul,
      Regardless of what Android phone u have, the settings should be similar. Perhaps u can double check all the entry as suggested in my post.
      Alternatively, u can also try settings provided from this link.

      Hope this helps. Cheers πŸ™‚

  36. salam 1malaysia,

    saya baru beli samsung galaxy tab tapi maslah tapi dapat nak akses internet menggunakan celcom broadband postpaid..minta pertolongan

    • Salam bro,
      Cuba check balik settings yang bro create tu. Masalah biasanya timbul bila ada typing error.
      Atau cuba gunakan settings dari sini , mungkin boleh membantu.

  37. salam bro.. sy gune xperia x8, android 1.6.. baru gune 2 weeks, br perasan yg xleh nk send mesej.. cane ek? fyi, sy gune cemcom prepaid. 2g.. dh try setting bro bagi tu tp still xleh gune la..
    skang ni prob xperia sy :

    -tak boleh nak send mesej
    -tak boleh mms
    -tak boleh bluetooth

    blh tlg?

    • Kalau dah ikut semua setting tu tapi masih ada masalah…sy kurang pasti la bro. Cuba check dgn mmbr2 lain yg pakai phone+telco yg sama then compare dgn setting diorang…

  38. opss, typo cemcom is celcom huhu..

  39. dude, great thanks from me, you did really help me a lot, then i helped my sister. The celcom support did actually gave the wrong instruction by not stating the apn type. so my brother in law phone credit got drained just because of one silly mistake by celcom.

    Again thanks. Wish you could enhance your page with all your brilliant ideas.

    • Your most welcome bro. Glad that it helps.
      I’m quite busy recently with family and work stuffs, thus not much update on my blog. Anyway, will try to update something soon.

      Thanks for dropping by. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  40. salam mfadzil,erm,saye pengguna xperia x10i.saye dah guna cara cara macam yg awk beri tu.tapi tak berkesan lah.mslh saya ialah tak dapt nak hantar mms dan terima mms.cmne ek?

    • Salam Rilakkuma,
      Cuba remove semua APN name dan create one combined setting macam ni tengok ok atau tak :

      Name : Celcom 3G
      APN : celcom3g
      MMS Proxy :
      MMS Port : 8080

  41. Thanks bro for this setting..! It works for my phone!! I’ve change my HTC Desire stock rom to HTC Desire HD!!

    Thanks!! Nice work~!

    • You’re welcome πŸ™‚

  42. salam bro
    saya ada samsung galaxy ace
    masalahnya tak boleh mms le
    dah try buat ngan operator celcom secara manual @ yang diorang send sms tu.
    bleh tolong tak

    • As salam bro. Cuba remove semua settings yang celcom operator tu bgtau, then ikut settings yg saya bagi tu satu persatu, make sure jgn salah type ok.

  43. ade setting utk samsung galaxy s pakai froyo 2.2.1?
    APN setting mcm ni


    yg lain tu saya fhm kecuali server dan authentication type.

    • Server dan Authentication type tak perlu tukar, biarkan kosong saja ok.

  44. hi, mommy nak tanya kenapa dah register celcom tapi tak boleh surf..mommy tak berapa guna gadget moden selalu pakai handphone biasa je..perlu setting special ke? tolong…

  45. lupa nak bgtau mommy guna samsung galaxy tab

  46. he he…dah boleh dah…cuba try macam comment2 kat atas, thank you adik-adik…

    • Sama-sama πŸ™‚

  47. salam bro,
    nak tanya, sy merupakan pengguna galaxy s dan pospaid celcom. Sy belum melanggan data plan. Bila nk online, sy terpaksa create new APN dan terpaksa delete APN tu bila nk offline. Kalo x, data akn tetap berjalan. Masalahnya sy x boleh nk disable kan APN tu. Bro ada cara lain x nk atasi masalah ni selain sy kena delete APN setiap kali nk offline? Circle button yg kat tepi APN tu pun still hijau wpun byk2 kali dah tap.

    Utk pengetahuan bro, sy cuma perlu masukkan Name & APN..lepas tu terus boleh online tanpa perlu masukkan butiran..macam pelik je kan?

    Hope bro bleh tolong saya. TQ

    • Bro cuba guna APN toggle app dari market. Salah satu app dia nama APNdroid.

        • John
        • Posted April 24, 2011 at 10:04 pm
        • Permalink

        thanks bro..

  48. senang jer… kalau dh x dpt sgt nk setting jgn pandai2 nk wat sendiri.. hanto jer SMS kat celcom… taip SET hanto kat 20999…
    dah nnti dia terus hantarkan setting tu ke telepon kite… hahahah
    jgn nk memandai2 … kang x leh mms la x leh internet la hahhaha

  49. Hi need help. I am using galaxy tap, but I just want it as a small notebook where I can just surf-Internet and some email checking. I have tried to slot in celcom broadband sim card, it seems does t work, does it required any set up? (usually when I plug I to my Mac pro through USB port, it’s run automatically)


    • Hi Caren,
      Yes it does need a configuration before you can surf the net. Goto Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > New APN.
      Then key in the information as stated in my post.

      Hope this helps.

  50. Hi Fadzil,

    I’m not sure if you used China ePad Android 2.2. This unit does not have phone SIM card capability. Its tablet only with WiFi and 3G.

    I have problem connecting internet using Celcom 3G. It work like a charm using Maxis, just plug and play.

    Please advise. Thanks

  51. thanks!!
    tested n working 100% for htc desire z..
    but,you must enable ‘Data enable’ first..

    thanks to both blog owner..=)

  52. Salam encik fadzil..saya da msalah sikit ni..saya pakai hp samsung galaxy 5..saya x lwh hntar mms,trma mms, n trma vcard..saya dh wat cam yang encik ajar tp x bley..mms bley hntar bla on connect mobile internet..dia telan kredit saya smpai abih sbb aplikasi len yg gna intrnet pon jln..nk wat camna ney?klau apn ltak mms sja nnti butang tnda kt mobile network tu hilang..tlog saya..

    • bro try guna APNdroid utk disable/enable data connection. Bila nk guna MMS, enable sekejap data connection guna app ni then lepas dah guna, disable dia balik, so takde la kena telan duit bnyk sgt. harap mmbantu πŸ™‚

        • dee
        • Posted June 18, 2011 at 12:51 am
        • Permalink

        Mmg cam 2 erk..dia x leh auto cam nset besa erk?

        • mfadzil
        • Posted June 21, 2011 at 6:35 pm
        • Permalink

        Maxis/Digi ada feature utk automatically set APN utk android phone tp Celcom ni masalah sikit, kena buat manually. Rasanya mungkin certain android phone dia boleh detect and configure automatically, itu saya x pasti…

  53. thanks! gonna try with my Samsung Omnia II..

  54. Hello Mr Fadzil….
    I have a problem sending and received Celcom MMS thru my Samsung Galaxy 5…
    Maybe you can show me how to solve this matters…
    I also try the treats that you post here.But I still have a problem with that matters….
    I don’t like use 3G and I wanna use 2G MMS like others phone…
    Can you tell me how to do it?
    Please reply me ASAP…
    Thank you…. =)

  55. hi mr fadzil, im celcom postpaid exec50 wit 3g data plan user..
    but my 3g data signal was damn poor n not fix at all…izit related to my phone setting? im using samsung galaxy s

    • 3g poor reception can be caused by the location,phone antenna/hardware as well. by default, your phone will seek for the strongest signal on that area so if the location doesn’t support 3g, it will drop to the next signal available (EDGE/GPRS).

  56. Hi fadzil

    i just bought SG i9000. Can received Video call and MMS.but cant sent out MMS.hav tried the setting.seems not work.Using prepaid celcom.Any suggestion?

  57. salam..nk mintk tlg la….sy guna samsung galaxy s….celcom postpaid user….sy dh try mcm yg kat atas tu still xleh gak…dah kol operator pun x jalan gak..g bluecube pun xleh ek??mslh hp sy ni ker??then tgk kat setting massage untuk configuration setting xda pun setting mms…mula2 pkai ada sume tu…then ape mslh ntah tetiba dia xleh nk mms….so sy delete balik n try mcm kat ats tu…lgsg xleh…poning den ha…=(

  58. salam bro..
    kalau galaxy ace nye setting sama ke dgn galaxy s..sbb still cannot send mms…

    • Yup, settings kedua2 model tu sama saja bro…

  59. hi guna galaxy s…masalahnya sy tak dpt nk send dan terima mms…tp 3g leh..APN sy dh ikut yg fadzil bg..need your help..

    • Cuba check maybe ada salah taip IP ke apa ke masa setup tu…atau delete semua APN dan try configure balik.

  60. Masih x leh gak…ke kena separate APN 3g dan mms..

  61. Biar aku bantu ko mfadzil untuk jawab soalan2 dorang ni.
    Aku dah wat experiment kejap tadi and salah satu sebab kenapa korang tak leh receive & sent MMS tu sebab korang tak tick kat Use Packet Data.

    and try gune APN setting ni sebab aku baru buat manual setting ngn Celcom tadi.
    Model phone aku : Samsung Galaxy Ace GT5830 (maybe kat phone lain pon same je settingnye janji android)

    Name : Celcom 3G
    APN : celcom3g
    MMSC :
    MMS Proxy :
    MMS Port : 8080
    MCC : 502
    MNC : 19
    APN Type : internet + mms

    Lepas dah siap configuration kat atas ni. Save setting ni and touch kat bulatan Celcom 3G sampai warna hijau.
    Restart phone korang, and try send mms kat no sendiri tgk boleh send and receive tak. (make sure credit korang ada,UNTUK PREPAID user dan pastikan korang TICK KAT USE PACKET DATA,selagi ko tak tick sampai kiamat pon takleh gune MMS/Internet)

    Tapi bagi pendapat aku MMS ni still org pakai lagi ke? ini bukan tahun 2001. Skang dah 2011 semua anta pakai email je sebab dah banyak keluaran Smartphone kat negara kite ni. So selamat mencuba.

    • hi bro….
      dulu aku dah wat semua dah ok..pastu tetiba tak leh plak…klu terima mms asyik tulis downloading je…klu anta tulis sending je,,,siap ade expired 3 hari tu..
      aku pakai prepaid masa ok dulu memang kredit tak kena makan..just caj anta mms je 0.15 sen….packet data tu memang aku dah tick..
      apn type pun aku pakai mms je..tanda hijau pun tak kuar tapi boleh anta n terima ….
      nie tak leh pulak dahhh…pening betul..

        • mfadzil
        • Posted August 16, 2011 at 12:21 am
        • Permalink

        Cuba remove semua APN dan recreate balik.

    • Thank you so much Ahsan. You have ended my Galaxy Tab MMS misery. Really appreciate this.

  62. mr fadzil, im stil having prob wit my galaxyS la…im celcom exec50 user wit RM68 3G data plan…the problem is when i connect my lappy to galaxyS’ wifi…is damn slow..izit related to my APN or network setting?

  63. bro ahsan..tq very much..mmg menjadi la..btl la u ckp klu x tick packet data alamatnya smpai kiamat la sy terpaksa tgu..terjawab sudah persoalannya..

  64. salam bro.
    saya baru reset saya punya xperia x8 ke factory setting dan access point names semua dah takde. macam mana nak dapatkan balik?

  65. saya pakai htc hd2.system,internet saya suke disconnect lah.boleh tlg

  66. Hi Fadzil,

    I’m not sure if you used China ePad Android 2.2 froyo. dia tak ada phone SIM card capability. hanya ada tablet with WiFi and 3G only.

    saya ada problem connecting internet using Celcom 3G. so cm ne nk settle problem nie ek

    Please advise. Thanks

  67. x8 sya x leh trima mms..leh spa2 ajar x??
    boleh ka x 8 trima mms ??

  68. camne nk seting 3g for celcom user..fon xperia x8..

  69. thnx bro..this works like a charm!

  70. cmne kalo orang yang nak hantar mms tapi bukan gune line 3g….?pakai setting 2g or 3g ?mms…x nk internet…

  71. Salam Bro,
    Sy nk tnya sikit berkenaan dgn mms ni, sy guna anset Model Galaxy Ace..klu dh setting mngikut yg bro bg ni..perlukah nk tick “use packet data” coz kalau tick bendalah tu..bukan ka internet akan masa yg sama kredit pn kluar lorr…x dak cara lain kerr..?? need your info..thanks a lot..

    • Salam,
      Tick ΓΊse packet data’ tu sekejap bila nk send MMS, pastu bila dh send, bro bleh untick balik supaya kredit x kena telan. Sebab kena tick bendalah tu ialah MMS perlukan internet line utk send the mesg, kalu x tick nnti MMS tu xleh keluar…

  72. thanx tu incik AHSAN n MFADZIL…….
    hehe mmg btul la..xdpt tu sbb xtick je…hehehe
    i suke ngn statement incik AHSAN… “selagi ko tak tick sampai kiamat pon takleh gune MMS/Internet)”…
    hehehe btw, tq very2 much bro…. =)

  73. kalao dh set nie free ke…x de caj???

    • still kena charge bro….sbb settings ni akan activate data download.

  74. salam,,bro fadzil..tanya ket,,sy gna samsung galaxy mini,,sy dh kol celcom nk mntak setting mms,,dia suruh bwat set n send kpd 20999..da bwat,,tp ttap x leh antar or trima mms,,cna ek?wssalam 😦

  75. salam.
    saya nak tumpang tanya. saya pakai nokia n900 + nitdroid..

    saya dah setting ikut cara ni, jadi tu memang jadi.
    boleh surf internet via web browser.

    tapi masalah nya bila kat apps. saya tak boleh pulak nak guna.
    tapi kalau guna wifi boleh.
    kenapa ye?

  76. Thanks to mfadzil. Posting ini sangat-sangat membantu untuk sesiapa yang nak set Celcom 3G Internet, 3G MMS, 2G Internet, 2G MMS secara manual. Saya baru buat setting 3G MMS pada htc desire isteri saya dan ianya berjaya. Saya sudah test sendiri dengan menghantar mms dari htc desire (hp isteri) kepada htc incredible s (hp saya) dan saya terima mms tersebut dalam masa tak sampai 10 saat.

    Pada pendapat saya, untuk hantar mms, phone akan connect juga pada internet sekejap untuk hantar data. Jadi setting untuk 3G Internet atau 2G Internet perlu juga dibuat dan perlu tick pada salah satu dari internet setting yang dibuat tadi. Kepada pengguna yang tiada unlimited data plan, anda tak perlu risau kerana proses menghantar data itu hanya sekejap sahaja (tapi bergantung juga pada saiz data yang dihantar).

    Semasa proses penghantaran data, phone akan automatik connect ke internet dan proses penghantaran data akan berjalan selepas connected. Phone akan automatik putuskan sambungan ke internet setelah proses penghantaran data selesai.

    Sekian dan selamat mencuba.

    • Ya betul tu Amir. Konsep ni mmg sudah digunapakai semenjak zaman phone-tak-berapa-nak-smart lagi, tapi dulu2 kita x kisah sgt psl kredit kena telan sbb yg menelannya pn MMS je, tp semenjak smartphone ni makin popular so services yg require internet access & running on background tanpa user sedari mcm fb sync, twitter, gmail, weather sync etc maka bnyk la user yg melompat bila tgk kredit kena sedut mcm air tebu diminum waktu bukak posa πŸ™‚

      So user kena bijak toggle APN ni setting ni mcm control floodgate, on bila nk hantar MMS saja, pastu off blk, so selamat la kredit..pada yg pakai internet unlimited tu xpe la xperlu nk risau πŸ™‚

  77. Dear mf adzil..
    Sya ada probs dgn hp Galaxy Ace sya ni.. Bila sya nak antar MMS, conform x dapat, ia nya masih tertera SENDING pada picture yg sya nak antar tu. For your info, sya guna Celcom prepaid. So, cam mane ek nak settle problem ni? Ada setting dia ke? Sya tengok MMS setting sya pun lebih kurang sama dgn setting yg awak bagi kat atas tu. For your info also, “USE PACKET DATA” dan “DATA ROAMING’ dia sya disable coz klau sya enable, ianya mkn kredit sya sikit demi sikit walaupun sya x pegang pun hp tu. Any advice?

    • Bro kena enable sekejap “use packet data” tu wktu nk send mms. Lepas dh siap send, boleh disable blk setting tu. Mms mmg kena guna packet data utk allow data to be transferred over.

  78. salam bro nak tanya macamna nk setting APN network untuk digi bagi android gingerbread 2.3.4….

    thank bro help me bro


  79. salam bro fadzil.
    kalau nak trima mms pon kne enable jgk ke data connection?coz lau sy x wat cmtu,sy x dpt trime amat sedih la kn.then bile enable,sah2 la kredit sy kne sedut kaw2 oleh mmg cmtu ea??

    ni info handfone sy.lau perlu la :

    model : xperia x8
    android version : 2.25
    rom : floyo v 1.0b by racht
    internet : ok
    mms : x ok

    sori bro sy da upgrade dr stock 2.1,so mgkin agk memeningkn pale bro.

    • As salam farizooo.
      kena enable jugak data connection tu skjp utk send/receive mms. Lepas dah siap, disable dia balik sblm kredit kena telan.

  80. Bro..nk tany pasal setting 3G + MMS.. sya pakai samsung galaxy s.. bab setting APN tu dh folo mcm yg bro ckp.. masalahnya xdpt nk buat video call. simbol 3G ade je.. tp bila try bt video call xdpt (unable to make video call). Packet data dh activate…. dulu klu pakai hp biasa senang je nk bt video call..pakai HP canggih ni jd xpaham plak..tolong bro…

  81. salam mr fadzil and ahsan….
    thanks a lot..your info turn out to be really really helpful…..

    btw, i’m samsung galaxy ace user..for those who are using this phone,,u guys can just follow their advice…


    • Salam LHK,
      You’re welcome πŸ™‚

  82. salam

  83. salam mfadzil..saya baru ja beli samsung galaxy s plus..tak leh hantar n terima mms..saya pakai postpaid tapi tak amik data plan..macam saya baca kat atas masa hantar mms tu mmg kena cas juga ka selain cas mms biasa.maksudnya cas untk internet?

    • salam cik siti. maaf saya tak pasti pasal caj dia. rasanya as long as cik siti enable data sekejap je utk let the mms pass thru pastu off dia balik, saya rasa xde extra charge.

  84. camne nak save cofiguration msg dr celcom utk mms n 3g kat samsung galaxy ace.. jz ade install je..dh install tp x de hasil pun

    • sorry saya x berapa faham soalan ni. maksud u, u ikut step dari sini ke?
      kalu ikut step yg tu, mmg xleh jalan sbb setting dia bukan utk smartphone mcm android ni, u kena set manually.
      Goto Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > New APN.

  85. yo mfadzil! cleave here from LYN. What ROM r u using bro? I flashed to MIUI and now I cant get HSDPA, only 3G. I’m so annoyed with this. Any idea how to solve this? Ever since I pre-ordered the Galaxy Nexus, my N1 is acting up. 😦

    • Well hello my old friend, long time no see πŸ™‚ i’m still a loyal fan of CM bro, currently on CM7.1 nightlies.
      – did ur old ROM acting this way?
      – try dial *#*#4636#*#* > phone information. Check your network type is it HSDPA or UMTS? some ROM shows 3G icon eventhough it actually runs HSDPA. It happened to me last time when i used Modaco Eclair ROM, it shows 3G icon only but when changed back to CM ROM, it shows H.
      – you can try to force it to run HSDPA. At the “Set preferred network type”, choose WCDMA only.
      – possibly caused by the kernel. Try other kernel.
      – last but not least, try flash CM ROM. πŸ˜‰

      Btw bro where did u pre-order the GalaxyNexus? Clove UK? I’m dying to get this phone too but worried if i pre-order from Clove i’ll hv to pay extra charge to Sirim/import charge etc…
      So most likely i’ll be getting it from irwan. My N1 also acting weird lately, freezing/autorestart once in a while 😦

  86. I get UMTS with the WCDMA only option. That’s it, flashing to CM7. It was fine when I was using the FroYo based MIUI. When I flashed a random Gingerbread MIUI from xda, I dont get HSDPA anymore.

    A cousin of mine in the US told me that he can get the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon. I’m not sure how much of it is true, but I told him to sign up anyways. I’ve been harassing Irwan’s FB page as well. If there’s enough of us whining about Galaxy Nexus, I’m sure he’ll bring it in eventually.

    • Ouuch UMTS only is a no go bro. No wonder ur getting 3G icon only. CM7 ftw! πŸ™‚
      Hmmm i thought Verizon LTE is non-compatible with our telco signal? We should get HSPA+ version, or perhaps I’m wrong?
      I’ve texted Irwan few weeks ago and looks like there’s high chance he’ll be organizing bulk order for us again hehe…

  87. That’s why I was skeptical, since Samsung themselves announced that no US carrier has been determined yet and then this wise guy sent me a message that Verizon are taking orders, I told him to sign up for two. But you’re right though, I’m pretty sure that the Verizon set will be a CDMA set (just like their iPhone). A safe bet would always be the ones from T-Mobile or AT&T.

    Haha! SMS harassment. That’s a good one. I think I’ll send Irwan an SMS too after this. I’m gonna ask if I can get an engraved set. LOL.

    • Good luck on harassing him. Put my name on the engraved set list as well ya πŸ˜‰

  88. ble x tlg bagi sy setting celcom untuk samsung galaxy ace??

  89. Hi Bro, Salam..saya ada 1 kemuskilan. I have just updated my Galaxy SL to 2.3.4 GB (XXKPE). everything seems to be ok except i lost my 3g/data connection ever since. for info saya guna celcom postpaid without data package but before i update my firmware, everything was fine..please advise..

  90. Hi Fadzil. I just received my lenovo thinkpad tablet and the celcom broadband simcard is detected but cannot connect to internet. I stumbled upon your blog here and used the APN settings u listed for HTC desire and I managed to get it to be detected and connected to internet.

    Therefore, A BIG THANKS TO YOU.

  91. Dear mfadzil,

    Sy br beli samsung galaxy mini GTS5570 n sy guna Digi prepaid. mcm mana nak buat APN setting dalam phone ni?
    Sbb bila sy pg ke APN, lists APN tak kuar or display. kira blank page je kuar. nak add new APN pun tak dapat.

    Sy ada juga try sim card broadband, takde masalah coz dia automatic dah set dalam hp.

    Tolong sya, pls
    your help is very appreciated.

  92. telepon saya samsung galaxy ace sama mcm awak ahsan. sa dah call celcom dah setting cara manual, x juga dapat nak terima gambar atau hantar gambar. asyik2 jawapan unable to dowload. try later. apa masalahnya yer

  93. Salam,hye,can I ask you about mms setting more?

  94. hello mfadzil…
    sy nak tye..camne nk setting mms…?3g untuk samsung galixy mini…?

  95. hy, saya beli huawei X3 gingerbread 2.3 ada front camera. Then i pakai celcom 1 + 5 yang ada free video call tue.
    problemnyer, camner nak buat video call tanpa apa2 apps . nak buat normal video call mcm telefon yg biasa2 tue.
    sesaper boleh tolong

  96. Sy gna clcm. Sy cuba byk kali htr mms to my friend tp pending. Dlu x prnh ada prblm mcm ni. Mnta tlg mcm mna nak atur blh?

  97. Saya da lama beli galaxy, saya nak setting untuk apn dy and i’m using celcom prepaid,x tahu cane nak setting,help me please.i really need ur help

  98. salam, boleh tlong saya guna xperia x leh nak sent or trima mms..camne erk???

  99. assalammualaikum…saya faizal…pakai android 2.3 jenis CA10…soalan:

    1.semasa pembelian disertakan juga contoh untuk broadband setting..namun apabila dicuba bynk kali pn tk boleh juga digunakan….syarikat tersebut syorkan menggunakan bradband model E1552….
    2. adakah selain cable usb utk penyambungan ke broadband yang disertakan oleh syarikat juga boleh digunakan [ beli cable usb dikedai ]

    terima kasih

  100. MMS proxy tu semua galaxy sama ke numbernya?


  101. Hallo bro…,bro ane minta tlg nih.cb kasih tau caranya setting APN android samsung galaxy mini S5570? Oke bro

  102. salam…sya pakai samsung galaxy S GT-I9000…mula2 sya beli…ok jew boleh trima mms….. masa tu poket data sya enable…tapi kredit sya di potong setiap masa jadi sya disable poket data.selepas itu,mms sya trima dalam bentuk sms…kene download…tapi tak boleh bukak…masih downloading….,sya cuba enable poket data…tapi masih sama…trima mms macam tu juga…agak2 ape masalah nye yew…???boleh bantu??

  103. Salam mfadzil,
    saya ade guna broadband celcom di skrg sy nk gunakn pada samsung galaxy dh try masukan sim broadband tu…n try bukak internet..xstill lg xdpt…sy perlu setting pe2 ke utk galaxy W?..mcmnernyer…TQ

  104. great info. nice effort. works like a charm on my MIUI based Desire. TQ.

    • Mohd Supian Muhamad Arshad
    • Posted February 14, 2012 at 10:20 pm
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    untuk APN setting, saudara/saudari semua perlu ke Setting>Wireless Controls>Mobile Network Setting>Access Point Names.tekan menu dan pilih New APN.sama utk semua Android Phone (2.1 – 2.3)
    untuk menerima MMS, “Packet Data” perlu di “enable” bermakna perlu meggunakan “broadband”

  105. I am using Galaxy ace-“the Android man can”..and suffered the same annoying MMS problem (download fail). what i discovered despite following all the mms suggestions (including downloading the set up from Celcom) was that I failed to select MMS + INTERNET during APN set up thinking that choosing MMS only was sufficient.. ha ha.. it needed INTERNET setting..for noobs like me, just hard to understand that.. so people, set that (both internet + mms) plus all the proxies things..and turn on your phone PACKET DATA, you are good to go… to confirm it is ok when you go over to the WIRELESS-NETWORK / MOBILE / ACCESS POINTS NAMES (APN) / Celcom 3G MMS should hv that small green circle next to it.. meaning it is now active…selamat beramal lol

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