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Ever since my HTC Magic has been given to my wife, not much tweak done on that device. However I can’t stop myself to at least update her ROM to the latest SuperD version (released on 14 Apr 2010). So today I managed to update the version from 1.9.3 to 1.10.3 without wiping the entire ROM (to retain the settings). I’ve been using this ROM since version 1.8.

Credit to benbuchacher for cooking this delicious ROM and merlos for porting this ROM to 32A device. You guys rocks!

Screenshots :



  1. tumpang lalu balik. pening tak paham! like i’ve commented previously, laymen terms takdak? Android for Dummies perhaps? haha

    • I must admit this thing is a lil’ bit technical for average joe (or jane 🙂 ). I’ll try my best to make one android intro with laymen term soon…

  2. try smoki rom (eclairs 2.1) , based from htc sprint hero.
    im tried it, nice with htc senseui..

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