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This time I post about installing Froyo into hTC HD2, thanks to my friend kasmankk who gave me a trust to poke his phone for this experiment. Credits also goes to HD GEEK from XDA Forum and addictivetips site for their comprehensive guidelines.

DISCLAIMER : This should NOT be attempted if you’re not comfortable messing with the system. I will not be held responsible if you brick your device. By following these steps, you agree to bear your own risk.

Original setup :

SPL : 1.42.0000
OS : 5.2.21869 (21869.5.0.82) Windows Mobile 6.5
Manila : 2.5.19211619.0
ROM : 1.66.707.1 (76641) WWE
ROM date : 01/12/10
Radio :
Protocol :

Froyo prerequisites :

SPL : 2 or 3
ROM : Custom ROM (eg. ChuckyROM GTX + CHT 1.8.5 – 23128 ~ 2.10.1)
Radio : 2.08 ~ 2.12

I’ve decided to choose HardSPL 2.08 and Radio 2.12 for this test.

Steps taken :

1. Install HardSPL 2.08 GUIDE
2. Install radio 2.12 GUIDE
3. Install custom ROM (ChuckyROM) GUIDE
4. Download Froyo build here, extract and copy the Android folder and its contents into the SD card
5. Navigate to the Android folder in the device
6. Run CLRCAD.exe
7. Run haret.exe
8. Enjoy your Froyo!!!

New setup for Froyo :

SPL : 2.08.HSPL
OS : 5.2.23128 (23128.5.3.8) WinMo 6.5
Manila : 2.5.20161332.0
ROM date : 21/07/10
Radio :
Protocol :

Froyo port to HD2 is still in its early stage, thus few bugs exist. However I’m sure it’ll be solved soon…

Till then, the device will be returned to its rightful owner for him to play around with it.

OK kasmankk, what’s next? Root your Desire eh? 😉

Video :

Screenshots :



  1. i heard about possibly bricking your phone while trying to install android os! ok i have htc hd2 what mistake could cause this to happen if i try to do this and i make a mistake?? thanks

    • The most crucial parts are installing HSPL and updating the radio. You must be very careful on these two. Make sure the files you trying to update are not corrupted. And also make sure the battery power is high enough.

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