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My experience with Android started in November 2009 when I first bought the HTC Magic which at that time was the first OFFICIAL android phone offered in Malaysian market (no doubt there’s already AP set of the FIRST ANDROID PHONE : HTC Dream aka G1 being sold by grey importer, but it was not officially released).

The crippled stock ROM (no Android Market, just a trimmed-down market called SlideME) only lasts me less than 24 hours before I decided to breach my warranty status by unlocking the bootloader, followed by root and installing custom ROM. Since then, I never look back.

Then news flying around that Google was planning to release their own Google-experience phone, the legendary Nexus One, I was drooling all over it. Unfortunately there’s no sign of it being released officially to local market. It was sold to 4 countries only : US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong.

Despite the warranty coverage, I risk myself getting this phone from grey importer in And finally on 17 March 2010, it’s in my hand until now. As usual, the stock ROM didn’t last me long, upon open box I straight away root this baby.

With HTC Magic and Nexus One under my possession, lots of tweaking has been done so I think I should document them for future reference and for the benefit of other androiders out there.

To date, I’ve experienced tweaking and rooting various kinds of Android devices which are HTC Magic, Google Nexus One, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, Dell Streak and HTC HD2 (Winmo dual boot with Android).

Perhaps someday I could own a tablet with dual core/quad core/multicore processor with Honeycomb or its legacy 🙂

*********************STANDARD DISCLAIMER*********************
Some of these site contains instructions which may brick your android device if they are incorrectly followed. I will not be held responsible if you brick your device. By following these steps, you agree to bear your own risk. Proceed with caution, you have been warned.

Thanks for dropping by to my blog. Hope you can find useful information here.
Let the green droid reign supreme!!!


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  1. how to connect wifi using experia x8..

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